Google Cloud Resource Manager

Google Cloud Platform provides resource containers such as Organizations and Projects, that allow you to group and hierarchically organize other Cloud Platform resources. This hierarchical organization lets you easily manage common aspects of your resources such as access control and configuration settings. The Google Cloud Resource Manager service enables you to programmatically manage these resource containers.


API Paths

List Liens (GET) /v1/liens OpenAPI
Create Lien (POST) /v1/liens OpenAPI
Delete Lien (DELETE) /v1/{name} OpenAPI
Get Operation (GET) /v1/{name} OpenAPI
Search Organization (POST) /v1/organizations:search OpenAPI
List Projects (GET) /v1/projects OpenAPI
Create Project (POST) /v1/projects OpenAPI
Delete Project (DELETE) /v1/projects/{projectId} OpenAPI
Get Project (GET) /v1/projects/{projectId} OpenAPI
Get Project Ancestry (POST) /v1/projects/{projectId}:getAncestry OpenAPI
Update Project (PUT) /v1/projects/{projectId} OpenAPI
Restore Project (POST) /v1/projects/{projectId}:undelete OpenAPI
Get IAM Policy (POST) /v1/projects/{resource}:getIamPolicy OpenAPI
Set IAM Policy (POST) /v1/projects/{resource}:setIamPolicy OpenAPI
Test IAM Policy (POST) /v1/projects/{resource}:testIamPermissions OpenAPI
Get Organization IAM Policy (POST) /v1/{resource}:getIamPolicy OpenAPI
Set Organization IAM Policy (POST) /v1/{resource}:setIamPolicy OpenAPI
TEst Organization IAM Permissions (POST) /v1/{resource}:testIamPermissions OpenAPI